Georges Leekens is the epitome of professionalism

2017. október. 31., 14:12   |    

Georges Leekens is the epitome of professionalism

The Hungarian Football Federation introduced new national team head coach Georges Leekens at a press conference held in Telki.

Hungarian Football Federation President Sándor Csányi began the press conference by thanking previous incumbent Bernd Storck and his staff for their work before introducing the new national team head coach George Leekens.

“The appointment of George Leekens guarantees that professional work will be carried out in the future at the national team and Under-21 team alike; we are certain that Mr Leekens and his advisors will also benefit the national youth-teams as well” said Csányi. “The new national team coach arrives from a country where football is pursued to a high level, and he possesses thirty years’ experience, having been a national team coach in three countries. He laid the foundations for the Belgium team which is currently considered among the best in the world. His contract is for two years, up until the end of Euro 2020 qualification, with the possibility to extend that deal by six months. Our goal is naturally to qualify for Euro 2020”.

Csányi added that the MLSZ held serious discussions with three candidates but that George Leekens was the number one candidate throughout. It was also discussed that Zoltán Szélesi will take charge of the team for the two upcoming friendly matches and that he has complete responsibility for them albeit Leekens will use the opportunity to get to know the players during the preparation for these games.

“I’m very proud that to be able to be the Hungarian national team head coach” began Leekens. “I cannot guarantee success, but I can guarantee hard work. I have the necessary experience; I’ve worked in seven countries during my coaching career and have led three national teams; this is my sixth national team coaching role. A difficult task lies ahead of me but I like challenges, and also to rise to them as much as I possibly can. This is why I accepted the Hungarian Football Federation offer immediately. I’s like to spend a successful time in Hungary; that’s why I’m here – to qualify for the European Championship, and in the coming period I’ll be putting all my energy into that goal. The past is important, but we need to consider the future and work hard in order that Hungarian football can once again reach a higher level. I don’t believe in luck; strictly in hard work – it’s the only thing that will bring us success”.

“I need to surround myself with professionals, this is the most important thing, but I’m certain that there are good professionals in Hungary. I hope that the current coaching staff doesn’t require any changes but it is imaginable that by changing little details these changes can be reached. I have already met with Zoltán Szélesi, who will take charge of the team for the next two matches. I’ll be consulting with him on technical questions; I’ll be there with the team and if he needs me I’ll help. I have to familiarise myself with the country, the clubs, and Hungarian football. I’d like to work with the clubs and I’m sure we’ll be able to help each other. We can only achieve our goals if we work together with the clubs and the Hungarian professionals and supporters, as well as the media. Everything is in place in Hungary for successful work; from her on in it depends on us, on our work, whether football will be successful” added Leekens.



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