Historic moment as first Hungarian women gain Pro-Licences

2018. július. 06., 17:05   |    

Historic moment as first Hungarian women gain Pro-Licences

Edina Markó and Dorottya Schumi have become the first Hungarian women to pass their UEFA Pro-Licences, the highest football coaching qualification anyone can achieve.

Last August, 24 Hungarians from within the game of football started their UEFA Pro Licence courses at the MLSZ Coaching education centre in Telki and this week all 24 of them received their diplomas at the MLSZ Coaching centre. For the first time, amongst the 24 coaches were two women, Hungary Women's head coach Edina Markó and her counterpart at Hungary Under 17 Women's level. Dorottya Schumi.

"It is very important to me that women leade women's teams", said Daniel Jorg, MLSZ Head of Coaching Education. "The example of top countries in women's football shows that they prioritise admitting women coaches to the Pro Licence course, for example, in Germany. I think this is an effective and important way for women's coaching to develop".

The completion of the previous UEFA Pro Licence course in Hungary came in May 2015 at MLSZ's Coaching Education centre and the same venue hosted this year's ceremony. MLSZ vice-president Sándor Berzi, who handed out the first Pro Licences in 2002, was present alongside Mr Jorg to present the diplomas this time, this being the eight such course which MLSZ has overseen, during which time 153 coaches have earned football coaching's top qualification.

During this course, the students participated in study visits, observed the operation of European and national professional clubs and training systems, as well as undergoing English-language training to enable them to practise their vocation in foreign-language environments too. The students worked in four-person micro-groups and the group members completed the practical work. The course also featured a foreign study trip, during the course of which students visited Leipzig where, as guests of German Bundesliga club RB Leipzig, they familiarised themselves with the structure of the club, the youth development centre and gained an insight into the professional operations of last season's UEFA Europa League participants.

Later, Markó and Schumi both spoke to MLSZ TV, saying that the in addition to being a part of a great community, they'd gained a lot of experience during the nine months of training and are confident that by completing the course they will be able to give an example to other female coaches in Hungary. Zsolt Löw, who also received his diploma today, added that the 22 male coaches had been able to learn a lot about women's football thanks to Edina Markó and Dorottya Schumi.

Hungary's Pro-Licence recipients in 2018 (surnames first):

Balogh Pál
Boér Gábor
Jakab Péter
Klausz László
Kriston István
Kulcsár Árpád
Kuttor Attila
Lisztes Krisztián
Lőw Zsolt
Markó Edina
Márton Gábor
Németh Antal
Németh Szabolcs
Sárközi István
Schindler Szabolcs
Schumi Dorottya
Simon Miklós
Szabics Imre
Szanyó Károly
Szélesi Zoltán
Toldi Gábor
Varga Attila
Visinka Ede
Vitelki Zoltán



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