Sándor Csányi elected FIFA Vice-President

2018. február. 26., 18:37   |    

Sándor Csányi elected FIFA Vice-President

UEFA's 42nd congress has taken place in Bratislava, Slovakia, one of the highlights of which is the unanimous election of Hungarian Football Federation (MLSZ) President Sándor Csányi as FIFA Vice-President.

Following the departure of Spain's Angel Maria Villar in 2017, the position of FIFA VIce-President which would be filled by one of UEFA's membership had remained empty but here, Csányi - who became head of Hungary's football governing body in 2010 - was unanimously asked to assume the role.

On the basis of the procedure in place, FIFA initiated an eligibility procedure in regard to Sándor Csányi so that he can be officially appointed FIFA Vice-President at FIFA's forthcoming summer congress in Moscow.

After his election, Mr Csányi gave his thoughts to mlsz.hu:

"It is important that the tendency, when the big get bigger, for the smaller ones to become disproportionately so, is reversed, both at club and international level. This is what I am going to work for, so that, as a result of good rules, young players get more opportunities and that recreational and women's football is strengthened around the world.

This new role for Csányi means he has achieved unparalleled success in sports diplomacy by becoming the first MLSZ representative to be a member of both UEFA's and FIFA's executive committees at the same time. As well as these positions, Csányi also leads UEFA's national-team competitions committee and is a member of UEFA's financial committee too.

Former MLSZ President Sándor Barcs previousl held the position of FIFA vice president from 1972 at a time when the role automatically went to the head of UEFA, so Csányi is in fact the first Hungarian to be elected to this position.


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